NSC Play Battle of the Bags

Tournament Information

What: NSC Play Battle of the Bags is an cornhole tournament dedicated to raising funds to increase facility accessibility, provide scholarships and purchase youth adaptive sports equipment.

When: June 1st, 2024, Games Kick-Off at 10:30AM. 

Where: National Sports Center, Victory Links Golf Course

Cost: $75 Team Registration (Pairs) Casual 

Registration Deadline: Friday May 24th, 2024

More Information

  • Casual– Competition is relaxed and more for beginners/ recreational players. 

Division champion will receive a $200 cash prize. 

Tournament schedule will be released no later than May 28th, 2024. 

Event Rules and Procedures

Battle of the Bags is a fundraiser for NSC Fund for Play, the contribution and donation arm of the National Sports Center Foundation.  Proceeds and funds raised from Battle of the Bags will contribute to the purchase of youth adaptive sports equipment.  Registration and donation can be completed at HERE


Team registration includes two players.  One player per team must be at least 18 years old.  Refunds may be provided up to 48 hours after registration in the amount of the registration fee.  Transaction fees are not refundable.


All games will be played on June 1st, 2024 and games will kick-off at 10:30AM.  The tournament schedule will be released no later than March 28th. 2024 


Teams must check in at Tournament Headquarters at least 15 minutes prior to their first game’s scheduled start time.



All divisions will play a doubles competition with two players on each team.  Teams may not change their players once the competition has begun. Equipment Bags and boards will be provided.  Competitive division teams may use their own bags. 


  • Each team will stay in their designated lane for the whole game.
  • Players at the headboard will alternate pitching bags until each player has pitched all their bags.
  • Players at the footboard will take sore and resume pitching back to the other board.
  • The team who scored in the preceding inning pitches first in the next inning. If neither team scored, the team who pitched first in the preceding frame will pitch first in the next frame.
  • Players must be behind the foul line at the time of release.
  • Players must pitch the bag with an underhand release.
  • Games must be completed within the designated timeslot.
  • In the spirit of this fundraising event, fouls will be self-regulated between competing teams.

**Tournament/playing format is subject to change depending on the number of teams registered. 


Cancellation scoring will be used for all divisions- the points of one player cancel out the points of their opponent and only one team can score each inning.  The first team to reach or exceed twenty-one points within the designated timeslot is the winner.  If a game has not been completed during that timeslot, scores will be recorded as-is.  In the event of a tie in this case, a shootout will determine the winner.  The shootout will consist of alternating teams throwing a bag until one team makes an isolated bag in-the-hole and the scoring team will be declared the winner.

Winning teams will report scores to Tournament Headquarters after completion of their game. 

  • Bag In-The-Count: Any bag which comes to rest anywhere on top of the board. Each is worth one point.
  • Bag In-The-Hole: Any bag which is thrown through the hole or knocked through the hole by another bag. Each is worth three points.


  • Division champion teams receive a $200 cash prize.
  • All participants will receive a large driving range bucket and a participation gift.

Become a Sponsor

Sponsorship Levels:

Gold – $2,500

  • logo inclusion on all boards
  • logo on signage
  • one team entry
  • opportunity to be on site with promotional givewaways/contest

Silver – $1,500

  • logo on signage
  • one team entry
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